Bridal, Bachelorette, and Baby

Would you love a bachelorette party or a shower evening that is sweet, savory and filled with flavor? Bring your friends to Cooking by the Book, the country’s leader in hands on culinary fun.

You’ll spend an hour in our showroom kitchen creating a complete meal featuring delicious recipes and the best ingredients. Our culinary experts will help you along the way ensuring that everything is just perfect. You’ll have time to bond, laugh, enjoy some wine, and even pick up some culinary tidbits. A party in our loft space will create lasting memories for you.

It’s a sophisticated, charming evening.

Bridal & Baby Showers

Searching for a delicious way to host a bridal or baby shower? There is no better way to celebrate with your close friends than to enjoy the warmth of the kitchen and the joy of the table. You’ll select your dishes from a rich menu, enter a kitchen filled with the best ingredients, and be guided to success by our very capable staff. The perfect celebration awaits you: best friends and best food.

Lenox True Love Crystal Toasting Flutes

This season, we’ll be teaming up with Lenox to make sure each bride-to-be gets exactly what she wants. Register for a Bridal Event this season, and receive a pair of Lenox True Love Crystal Toasting Flutes for the bride and groom.