Quick Preserved Lemons

What do you do if you need an ingredient, now, and it normally takes days or weeks to make it? Like, say, preserved lemons.

You Google and maybe you are lucky, like finding this wonderful site for quick preserved lemons:



Basically, you thinly slice lemons, put salt and sugar on them, cover with a press and wait a mere three hours. Do you have a panini press? We do makes for great preserved lemons.

The taste, after just three hours, is quite remarkable. You get lemon, salt, and sugar. What a surprise? But there’s an intense flavor there, no longer a mere bite, that shows the meshing and mellowing of the hours. It’s lemon but very comfortable to eat.

In fact, Suzen made this little remark: “Stop eating them! I need them for the roast.” The roast recipe comes tomorrow. I’ll be doing more preserved lemon slices. These are the perfect garnish for a cocktail.

Sources: quietinglife.com