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There are times when you need experience. If it’s youth and energy versus age and experience, you may find the energy unorganized, the experience an army. Recently, we needed that army.

Cooking by the Book just passed a landmark. We completed our largest event ever. One of our favorite clients asked for a hands-on cooking program for teambuilding with 160 guests. If you are familiar with Cooking by the Book and our New York City loft space, you would correctly assume that we employed an offsite facility. We did, using Loft 450 at 450 West 31st Street. This very contemporary, clean, white space has unobstructed 12th storey views of the Hudson and Midtown. On a clear night you can almost touch the Empire State Building.

This record event went smoothly. All the rentals were promptly delivered. All the food was ready, the aprons and menus in place… Our staff had arrived on time with no problems, a minor miracle given the usual late afternoon traffic next to a Lincoln Tunnel entrance.

As always, the unplanned did happen. The clients were a little early, so we had to cancel a full staff meeting to review the event agenda. Instead we had to rely on the experience of our staff. Just to be sure, we did dash around talking to the staff, who all politely nodded and said, “It’s under control.” Everything was, hour by hour through the event.

The event proceeded without a hitch. Each prior event gives our team another layer of training. With our team better each time, we now expect to give our clients perfection. This client had come early but gracefully left on time. The rental company swooped in and picked up table, chairs, and dinner ware. By midnight, we were gone, the space was a carbon copy of itself from 4PM, and Cinderella’s pumpkin could have arrived.

To be flawless over eight hours, our staff all needed to pull their weight all the time. To a person they do. But we learned the next day such proficiency can surprise some people.

You see, the next day we called Loft 450 to follow up, to debrief, and to make sure they were happy with us. The coordinator from the space said how refreshing it was to use mature staff! Well, we just laughed and asked if she meant “old”! “Uh,” she slowly began, “if the shoe fits…”

Our staff ranges from 30 to 65 with an average age of 50. The Loft 450 coordinator confided that at other events some of the catering staff from other firms can be found in the hallways and stair cases. Youth needs a break. Our staff just confidently marches on, staying confidently focused on our client and their needs. That grateful Loft 450 coordinator truly appreciated the professionalism and efficiency our staff displayed.

For a team, there is no substitute for experience and dedication. Cooking by the Book is nationally recognized for our outstanding Team Building programs. What makes our programs so distinctive, aside from our venue and menus, is our own team, our staff. Having a company stocked with experienced, mature players can elevate your firm. You, too, can become even more dependable. And you clients can be better served.