The day after Thanksgiving, when you open the refrigerator door, it is there. That mound of leftover turkey meat. Personally, warmed turkey and stuffing and gravy the next day are fine with me. I think the stuffing, like many foods, has benefited from one more day for the flavor to meld. Still after warming things up today, after the cold sandwich tomorrow with mayo and lettuce and a dab of cranberry sauce, what do you do?

The turkey needs to get used up. And it dries in the refrigerator. After three days or so, that white meat resembles jerky, no matter how well you have wrapped it all up.

Here’s a great solution for you. Almost a year ago, I posted a recipe for turkey enchiladas. Actually, it was Turkey Enchiladas with Creamy Tomatillo Sauce. To find it, just use the search box to the left. Ah, it’s the second recipe on that page that will appear so do scroll down. It’s there.

I know. I should just give you the link directly to the recipe. I’m sorry. I tried that and I failed. I have not mastered the link science of WordPress, the tool I use to blog, and I have to master that. In the meantime, please follow the search path.

These enchiladas are wonderful. And, with all the sauce involved, it’s the perfect way to revive some turkey meat that has begun to dry out.

I’ll have another idea for turkey leftovers tomorrow, a recipe ideal to finish out the weekend.