Brian and I are working our way through Kim Haasarud’s wonderful 101 Champagne Cocktails. We’ve learned that we like recipes with some sophistication: working with multiple ingredients you can introduce layers of flavor that absolutely confuse your tongue. And that confusion is a terrific characteristic for a cocktail. You tell yourself: I like this. And you immediately ask yourself: what is this.

By having multiple flavors, in little amounts, added to champagne you can truly create enchanting beverages. This cocktail, as with some others we have blogged, uses pear to introduce a pure fruit flavor. And some gin to provide a sting to the drink.

From Kim’s book we have also blogged the Oscar 78, another pear-flavored cocktail that is lovely. That recipe requires more effort than this one. This Pear Royale is a great ice breaker for parties. Yet it is easier to prepare. You can scale this recipe up and have a pitcher ready for your guests.

Or just for you.

Pear Royale

Yield: 1 drink


  • Simple syrup for cocktail rim
  • 2 tablespoons superfine sugar, for cocktail rim
  • ½ ounce pear liqueur
  • ½ ounce gin
  • 4 ounces slight sweet sparkly wine
  • Pear slice for garnish


Wet the rim of a chilled champagne flute with simple syrup and dip into a plate of superfine sugar.

Combine the pear liqueur and gin a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Add the sparkling wine and stir. Strain into the sugar-rimmed flute and garnish with appear slice.

Source: 101 Champagne Cocktails by Kim Haasarud.