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This post is a techical apology. Uh, an apology about technology. We noticed our readership in the past two weeks had dropped. Dramatically. And the number of Google and Yahoo spiders that visit each day to index the site, well, those spiders were 99% exterminated.

My fault. I asked for a slight change to our website. While that change was being made, another file, one that enables Google and Yahoo indexing and recommendations for our site, was accidentally corrupted. The search engine informaiton you need to find us was unavailable. So, you couldn’t find us in the search engines and you did not make it to our site. We missed you!

So, we found the problem and we fixed it, and things are beginning to get back to normal. If you’ve had any difficulties, I’m sorry. And I encourage you to take a look at the posts for the last two weeks. Good Food!

We’ll starting blogging each and every day again starting tomorrow.