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Ordinarily our Saturdays and Sundays are spent in Olive, New York, with Saturday morning devoted to the Kingston Farmers’ Market. This weekend, we were still in Manhattan. I had my 40th high school reunion. Lots of stories there. You’ve probably had similar experiences. The classmate who you thought was destined for oblivion is now a prominent university profession. One of those “Most Likely Persons” could not attend because they are participating in a volleyball league. In prison.

We missed our Saturday at the market, so on Sunday we ventured to the Seaport at the end of Fulton Street for the New Amsterdam Market. You look up at the Brooklyn Bridge from here. There are many farmers’ markets now, almost too many some vendors will tell you. Some are big, some are miniscule. The New Amsterdam Market fits the Goldilocks’ Principal: it’s just right.

About thirty vendors from Long Island and Hudson Valley supply superior ingredients at this market. In Kingston we are huge supports of Fleischer’s Meat Market, which sits next to the Saturday farmers’ market and offers grass-fed and organic meats. On Sunday, Josh packs up his truck and brings those fabulous meats to New Amsterdam. It was a treat to see him today, and he gave us a big bag of organic delicacies to test. Tonight’s dinner was a combo of Fleischer’s beef and wonderful lamb chops. It was perfect meat. If you are in or near Kingston, Fleischer’s is a must-stop location. If you have a Sunday afternoon in Manhattan, then Fleischer’s a great reason to visit the New Amsterdam Market.

And there are many other reasons for walk the aisles of the market. Bees’ Needs from Sag Harbor has a 100 bee hives whose honey is harvested on a seasonal basis. You can taste the sweetness of spring, summer or fall. Spring is bright, summer is spicy, and fall is amber colored and deeply intense.

Breezy Hill Orchard from the Hudson Valley specializes in apples. All kinds of varieties including some heritage types that have labored mightily to bring back to serious  production. You can taste the apples fresh, or you can succumb to one of their pies.

Hudson Valley Duck Farm rolled out their new duck sausage this weekend. They have duck rillets and livers and all the other quality pieces you may want for you holiday table.

If you prefer to grow your own, then the Hudson Valley Seed Company is there with seed packets designed for the Hudson Valley climate. Wonderful summers up there, and winters that require plow, shoves, skis and snow shoes!

There are other wonderful vendors at New Amsterdam offering superior produce, chocolates made in New York, ciders, lobster, and several varieties of pickles.

The market is nestled under the FDR highway, so you can’t get wet as you shop. The variety and quality of the vendors make this one of the strongest farmers’ markets in the city. If you love the small street markets of Paris, then you’ll feel at home here.

Take bags, bring you appetite, and enjoy an open-air Sunday.