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Well, thank God for Google alerts. You know, if you are an author, you can put up an alert for any post that Google might track. Any post using your name or the name of your book. Nice to know if someone has written about you.

Important to know if the blogger has committed some error or a major, tragic, dumb mistake.

My blog last week for Simply Corn Muffins called for 1 tablespoon of buttermilk. It’s actually 1 1/4 cups. So, if you tried my poor version of the recipe and failed, I owe you a corn muffin. If you come by to Cooking by the Book at 13 Worth Street, New York, New York, I will happily issue you my penance.

You see, those muffins are so good they are now my standard breakfast. I bake, freeze, microwave, and adorn with butter and jam or honey. I have lots, made with the right amount of buttermilk. As for the batter you have from last week, if you still have it, I would suggest using it as mortar for your patio.

My thanks to author Crescent Dragonwagon for being alert and oh so understanding.