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I love puns. My family does not love mine. So I search for people who know how to pun well. It turns out that Kathy Casey can both pun and cook. In D’Lish Deviled Eggs, Kathy has a section called The Hard Facts: All About Eggs. “Hard” and “Deviled.” Even I get that!

The mission of this delightful book is simple: give deviled eggs a marvelous makeover. Provide you enchanting ideas and lip-smacking flavors. Kathy succeeds. I posted one of her excellent recipes yesterday, the Green Goddess Deviled Eggs with avocado and sour cream. There are almost 60 other recipes in this book, many with equally yummy photographs providing you a visual roadmap to success.

Before the recipes, Kathy has laid careful foundations for you:

  • Some history of deviled eggs — which date at least back to Roman times
  • Dishware ideas for presentation
  • Menu ideas using the recipes in this book: for everything from New Year’s Day to the Chinese New Years to Eggs Benedict Day [of course it exists!] to Christmas [which we all know exists]
  • Party ideas ranging from a cocktail funfare to a real Mad Men knockoff
  • That important All About Eggs section describing your egg buying options: it’s getting to be like buying milk with many different cartons greeting you in the grocery store
  • A How To section that covers cooking different types of eggs [chicken, duck and quail], how to prepare different fillings ahead of time, how to garnish, and how to store

By the time you get to the recipe section, you are armed and ready. And probably excited. That bland picture in your brain of “normal” deviled eggs will have long vanished. And you’ll simply be bubbling with the ideas presented in this lovely book.

There are a year’s worth of recipes to follow here. And, D’Lish Deviled Eggs will liberate your imagination. You are certain to find yourself mixing, matching, experimenting, and enjoying the multitude of flavor possibilities that D’Lish Deviled Eggs opens up.

Go buy a dozen eggs now. And this book. Maybe two dozen eggs. And a second copy. Your mother will like it, too!