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You may have seen a tad slowdown in my cookbook reviews in the past week. Sorry, I’ve been traveling and there are more books than I can tote through a TSA line. I’ll get back in gear this week. I will be traveling more during the summer so from time to time I will be reposting reviews of the best books of the past year. There have been treasures out there and I don’t want you to miss out.

In my mix, I’m also include some books a year or two old that I put away on a shelf to blog. We redid our kitchen a few months ago and that book-laden shelf just kinda got lost for a while. So I have those gems to post, too. That explains why, when you expect to see the “new” books, I will sometimes have ideas from 2015 or 2016. Look, a great book is great no matter when published. That is why we have TBT cookbook reviews with selections at least ten years old and still vibrant for your consideration.

Ah, on greatness. Allow me one slight rant. I think cookbook publishing is as strong as ever with radiant books appearing all the time. That said, there is a stiff undercurrent of bad books out there. I am referring in particular to the “look at me and how pretty I am” books where a youngish female author appears on every third page. I’ve seen them posed with the kids, on scooters, on stairways holding flowers, and even in their bed in their underpants. Generally, you can project that if there is an underpants picture in the book, the recipes are not ones you would be interested in. And therefore I don’t blog those cookbooks. I don’t even read them for the recipes, let alone the pictures.

Great books to come. I promise.