This book is simple to describe: it’s a perfect beverage tome and something you should buy. Now.

Slim but packed with 40 wonderful rosé-based recipes, this book features four classes of drinks:

  • Aperitifs and Sparklers
  • Spritzes and Coolers
  • Slushes and Crushes
  • Punches and Pitchers

The reputation of rosé has been up and down over the decades. Some have loved it, some still disparage it. But rosé can, just on its own, be an excellent pairing for a salad, some delicate chicken, or a simple white fish.

Rosé is not consumed on its own here. The 40 combinations include using Aperol, sorbet, fruit, and syrups. Nothing here is “basic.” The very first idea in the book is a Blackberry Bellini, complete with vodka and lemon juice. The ideas expand, page by page, chapter by chapter. There is a Sparkling Mediterranean Punch fortified with Aperol and Dry Vermouth, a punch idea destined for our next summer party.

Or, perhaps the best in the book, there is the Watermelon Rose Margarita that includes tequila and triple sec but also rose wine and some Watermelon and Rosé Syrup.

Ah, the syrups. There are requirements here for basil, cucumber, and rosemary syrups. Stocking your refrigerator with those syrup components will leave you equipped for some serious cocktails exploration, if you want to venture down other flavor dimensions. Those are some of the clever ideas that will have you buying rosé by the case as you appreciate every page of Rosé Cocktails!

Here’s a picture of the Watermelon Rose Margarita. I’ll be testing in the next week and will let you know!