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In 2008 Diane Morgan wrote The New Thanksgiving Table, a rework of her milestone 2001 volume The Thanksgiving Table. Suzi and I turn to both books with regularity.

I know, Thanksgiving is past us but there is almost a month of the holiday season before us. Not to mention the Super Bowl coming in February when the Baltimore Ravens will win the championship. [Okay. Disclosure. I went to school at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and my love for the city is boundless].

As is my love for Diane’s very important book. You’ll find the usual suspects for chapters in a holiday cookbook:

  • Appetizers
  • Soups and Salads
  • Main Courses
  • Stuffings, Casseroles, Biscuit and Breads
  • Festive Side Dishes
  •  Desserts
  • Leftover Favorites
  • Regional Thanksgiving Menus with Timetables

Dig into those chapters and you’ll find an armada of Diane’s recipes, clever amplifications of American classics:

Applejack Giblet Gravy

Bourbon Pecan Pie with Buttermilk Whipped Cream

Cast Iron Skillet Turkey Hash with Soft-Cooked Eggs

Honey and Chipotle-Glazed Sweet Potato Spears with Lime

Molasses Gingerbread Cake with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Tex-Mex Honey Pecans.

Warm Maryland Crab Dip

I’ve blogged some of these recipes over the years and, in fact, today’s TBT Recipe is going to be these Honey and Chipotle-Glazed Sweet Potato Spears with Lime:

You just can’t find a better way to serve sweet potatoes. And, they come with lime, not marshmallow. Healthier. And, yes, better tasting.

We all need a special holiday cookbook, one that offers those “special” and festive flavors we just have to find. This book is filled with grand recipes, the ones you can expect to become family favorites. Beyond the individual recipes, the book offers four complete menus, regional menus with timetables to walk you through the day. Her Southern Style menus will have you stuffed with:

 Chicory, Pear and Toasted Pecan Salad with Buttermilk-Black Pepper Dressing

Roast Turkey with Vidalia Cream Gravy

Southern Corn Bread and Oyster Dressing

Sweet Potato Puree with Pecan Streusel

Butt-Mashed Yukon gold Potatoes with Parmesan

Creamed Pearl Onions with Bacon

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Ham and Toasted Pecans

Cape Cod Cranberry Compote

Southern-Style Biscuits

Key Lime Custard Tart

Bourbon Pecan Pie with Buttermilk Whipped Cream

What can you say? A feast that will never be forgotten.

This book will be a side companion for all your holiday seasons. Sample, eat and enjoy!