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What fun did we have today!!!!!!!!!!!

Today CBTB hosted Emeril for an industrial video shoot. The Black Watch Production Group (a Tribeca neighbor) was looking for a kitchen in a hurry for a video they needed to make of Emeril Lagasse and his new cookware. We were all too thrilled to oblige.

Our day started very early. The Black Watch team arrived like that Nextel Roady commercial: fully caffeinated and all ready to go. The team of thirty people set-up the lights, cameras, cables yada yada. We’ve had shoots here before, but this amount of gear was above and beyond. If you’ve seen our kitchen, you know it’s big. Today, it was full. With all that gear in place, just add the talent and off we went.

Of course I had to get a photo with Emeril. What a sweet guy and such a professional. It was a wonderful experience. My photo is below and the smile very real.