Yesterday’s post for Pineapple and Cucumber Guacamole called for half a pineapple. What to do with other half?

You can be healthy and just eat it.

You might be thirsty. If so, here is a very quick way to make a blender full of pina coladas. No pineapple juice. That half pineapple is diced and put into the blender. The result: a drink full of pineapple flavor of course but now with body.

As a variation, you can add in a banana here. I’m light fisted on the rum, too, but that’s to make the recipe easy to remember: a half of everything. After a few rounds, you want thing simple.

Brian’s Pina Colada by the Halves

Yield: 4 large drinks


  • · ½ pineapple diced [half of a cored pineapple is an easy approach here]
  • · ½ can of coco lopez
  • · ½ cup of rum, light or dark,
  • · Ice to fill the blender


Place the pineapple in the blender. “Diced” is perhaps too strong a term. Chunks are fine. Add the coco lopez, the run, and top off the blender with ice.

Blend until smooth, about one minute.

Serve in glasses of your choice. Garnish as you desire.

Source: Brian O’Rourke