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Easter Sunday is the ultimate brunch Sunday. Millions of us will throng to restaurants and many millions more will be home preparing a feast. A festive beverage is a necessity.

For many of us, Brunch = Mimosa. Nothing can surpass a glass of champagne splashed with fresh orange juice. Its dominance as the brunch-beverage is well earned.

Still, if you cannot be surpassed, you can be equaled. And some equals may seem brighter and fresher than others.

Here are some options for you. Instead of champagne, try Prosecco or Cava. Their sweeter flavor will give you a different experience. And, they are cheaper.

Instead of orange juice, you can follow a plethora of paths. I love mango nectar and Prosecco, pictured above. The relative proportions of sparking and nectar are up to you but it’s generally 4:1 up to 2:1. The more juice or nectar you employ, the more viscous your beverage will be. That denser liquid will drag on your tongue more, something you might like that or you may find that conflicts with your ability to enjoy your food. Start by pouring a half glass and then adjust the proportions to meet your needs of the day.

Beyond juice and nectars, you can uses sorbets or gelatos to fashion fabulous beverages. You really can’t go wrong here and you’ll find there is much life above and beyond that orange juice.

Photo Information: Canon T2i, EFS 60 mm Macro Lens, F/4.5 for 1/40th second at ISO‑2500