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“That’s not an orange,” my wife said to me. “It’s a grapefruit.”

“No,” I informed here, “these are big Valencia oranges. The sign in the store said so.”

“Trust me.”

“Orange, I tell you,” I told her.

I zested them and juiced them, putting everything into a metal bowl. Then I tasted.

“Taste this,” I asked her.

She did. She looked at me. “Grapefruit.”

“Yes,” I admitted, but I did not stop.

I had this recipe for Orange Syrup for cocktails but now I had grapefruit so I make Grapefruit Syrup. I can say that I am very glad that, for once, I was wrong.

This syrup is wonderful in cocktails. Often a recipe calls for citrus, lemon or lime juice, and simple syrup. Here the citrus is grapefruit, which is distinctive to say the least. And you get the sugar syrup delivered now with the grapefruit flavor bundled in.

I post more complicated recipes in the coming days but, for now, fill a small glass with 1 part grapefruit syrup and 2 parts liquor, say tequila. It’s impactful.

How to make this syrup? It’s all two’s. The zest and juice of two grapefruits.  Two cups of sugar. Two cups of water. Place them all in a saucepan, stir to mix, turn on the heat, bring to a boil, reduce the heat to low, simmer for 5 minutes, cool, and refrigerate. Use within two weeks.

Simple and, I guess, you could do the same with oranges. I will have to find out.