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If you are throwing a party, like a Halloween party, here’s a way to spice up the beverages. Add a swizzle stick that evokes fear, concern, or a giggle. The one shown here uses lime slices, maraschino cherries and cloves. Arrange the pieces as shown in this picture to “create” a creature, a serious creature. The cloves can serve as eyes. Feel free to use other “herby” things to forge different eyes or mouths or other body parts. And, you are not restricted to earth-like creatures. Three eyes or two mouths are perfectly acceptable.

You can change the segmentation idea here too. Instead of, or in addition to the cherries, try some mandarin orange slices or a chili pepper [small or maybe a jalapeno cut into a short, stubby segment].

I suggest you make the creatures with an array of assembly ingredients before you and glass of wine or, better, a serious margarita at hand. Let your imagination fly.

Source: inspired by bhg.com