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I am a big fan of “infographics.” Those are the complicated graphics pieces that you now see in newspapers and magazines in just about every issue. They contain too much information to be useful on television. But in print, or here on the web, they can give you a remarkable tour of information. In the newspaper world, The New York Times is the leader in creating “involved” graphic pieces. Politics is a natural for infographics and so is food.

The new book Cool Infographics credits the website winefolly.com with the graphic above. What foods go with what wine? That is the fundamental question. It’s interesting to see that there are several of my favorite foods — asparagus, green beans, artichokes, and chocolate — that are listed as hard to pair. With respect, I disagree a bit. I find that a sparkling wine is excellent with all of these food. In fact, you don’t need any food at all to enjoy sparkling. But that’s another story.

Although I found this interesting graphic through a book, you can simply google “food and wine pairing” and then select images. There are a number intensive presentations that you can savor, enjoy and actually use whenever that “what do I serve with …” question pops into your head.

Just remember, Cava and Proseco are very reasonably priced. And they sparkle.