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Babka is a yeasted bread that is loved by multiple cultures: Jewish, Eastern European and Russian. So, I was surprised when I asked Suzi, a lovely Jewish woman with root back to Bialystock, if she had ever made babka.

"No," she said.

"It's the cover of this month's Food and Wine," I said.

"Get it," she directed.

She baked babka for the very first time last weekend and we relished in chocolate bread warm from the oven. I reached for the butter.

"What are you doing?" Suzen asked. I did not answer her. I put know the knife. Her eyebrows lowered at the same rate.

The picture is from our babka venture. Here is a link to the Food and Wine recipe with its excellent instructions. Better yet, if you can stil get a copy of the January issue of Food and Wine, there are some side pictures showing just how to the twisting/braiding of the dough. A picture is, truly, worth a few hundred word.

Chocolate is down. Cinnamon is go to come.