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Those two pictures are from the Skillet Cafe and Bar in Seattle. If you are opening a new brick and mortar restaurant these days, your budget is probably on your mind. So at Skillet, they’ve done a couple of rather clever things.

First, for wall treatment, they’ve used skillets. Just hung up on the wall. It’s a nice effect and if you look closely you’ll see they are really, really secured to the wall. No need to worry about something crashing down on your eggs benedict.

Second, the china. They serve a great cappacino in a lovely glass jar. It’s homey, pretty, and very cost effective.  For your home, it’s an example of how you might customize a party spread. Using jars for beverages is not new, but have you ever done it? It’s not that a fine wine glass is pretentious. But, it can set a certain asmosphere. Here, a jar of coffee is ideal for a homemade pie or cake dessert. Or, that jar can be filled with lemonade or topped off from a punch bowl that is moderately alcoholic.

Look for distinctive ideas in your basement or garage. Those old skillets you never use. Put them on the wall. Make a statement. And create atmosphere.