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This post is sans picture, sans recipe, sans story.

It’s not an ego thing, but Suzen and I cannot escape noticing a milestone. This is the 1000th post on this blog. We love doing the blog and we appreciate your comments and attention we receive. We are into our fourth year of intensive writing. Our readership is worldwide and we are approaching 2 million page reads a year. That’s a solid number. Yes, people read today’s post but everyday we learn readers are looking at things we wrote last month, last year. Our blog is literally a dynamic cookbook on line.

We try to write every day, but you’d be surprised how difficult that can be! Life collides with the blog and when we don’t write we do miss it. We post only after we have tested a recipe and, if necessary, made adjustments. Our goal is for you to enjoy exactly the flavors and tasting experience that we have. If a recipe is not really, really good, we don’t post it.

We’re going to try to get to Post #2000 even quicker than we made #1000.

As the principal writer, I, that is Brian, fervently intend to my balanced menu policy: cocktails and dessert, punctuated by protein and the occasional vegetable or fruit. Suzen has expressed a desire to shift that balance. Every marriage has friction.

Just to prove my point, my next post will be a champagne cocktail. But this is one Suzen actually asked me to create.