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I am having a nightmare problem formatting these blogs. In the past months, I had created a format with different styles and sizes of fonts that people liked. I did this using my blogging engine: the very popular WordPress.

Unfortunately, WordPress just issued an "upgrade" version [3.9.1] which can only be described as a Titanic disaster. It does not work. The built-in editor I normally use to format no longer works, at all. Little "add ins" I use to make the blog better no longer work. It's the worst software mess I have ever seen.

Disaster. I know that many people face the same problems as I do. I expect that the nice people at WordPress, an open source product, now realize that the latest version is a tragedy. I look forward to Version 3.9.2 when, I hope, these issues are resolved.

In the meantime, if you see crummy paragraph separation and bad bolding and weird font sizes and wonder what the heck has happened as ugliness prevails — well, you and I are in the same leaky boat.

I'm working on establishing a formatting style in this "brave new world" but the behavior of WordPress changes each day. So I'm always chasing a moving target. And rainbows. I look for rainbows, too.