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Thomas Street in Tribeca is narrow and one way. Really just one lane, an amplified alley. At 88 Thomas, between West Broadway and Hudson, there is a new establishment: Bar Cyrk. The inside is perfectly beautiful, an Art Deco hall room flawlessly and exceptionally decorated. The music is old jazz, soft and inviting. The food is salad and pizzas with character. You can have cupcakes for dessert, complete with spun sugar.

And you can drink. Great wonderful drinks. Start with The Passion, a combo of passion fruit orange blossom elixir and Prosecco. There’s the Aztec Lavanda with lavender tea, lemon-lime reduction and tequila. Or the Monte Zuma made with Lebanese pomegranate, Japanese cucumbers, tequila and mint. The lovely creators of Bar Cyrk, Eric and Miriam, spent months perfecting every morsel, every sip. Try one of each and you’ll agree.

Once you have visited Bar Cyrk, you’ll be sure to return. Just walk your way down the menu, one sensation at a time. Take a preview look at