Years ago Suzen mastered making great bread. Great bread. Yet, there are steps beyond mere greatness. Using the latest Tartine cookbook, Suzen has found this amazing technique of baking bread in a pot. She heats the oven and a cast iron pot to 500°F, then pours her dough into the pot. She cooks covered for 30 minutes, then lowers the temperature to 450°F for the final 15 minutes, uncovered.

This technique was not widely known, but it is spreading. Judy Motzkin from Cambridge, MA has created a beautiful line of ceramic pots, with multiple shapes and colors available for you. Suzen saw the pot pictured above at the Kneading Conference two weeks ago in Maine. It was one of those “must buy” items that has proved to be as wonderful in use as it looks on the shelf.

You can go to Judy’s website — — to learn more. And to buy! As you can see it, lets you create a real Paris-class loaf.