I am not a breakfast person, unless you can offer me toast with strawberry jam and a cup of cocoa topped with whipped cream. Lately, I’ve begun the switch to a double shot of espresso and a croissant. A shift in sophistication but not a different path really.

We just spent a long weekend in Austin and were thrilled and satisfied by Austin breakfasts. It’s taco time. You can get them pre-made or go up to a stand and have them custom craft your breakfast. There is a chain of taco shops, Rudys, where you can fill your tummy and your car. They offer Shell gasoline for your car.

Inside you can get barbeque, after 10 AM. Before then, it is breakfast tacos. Your selections include potatoes, sausage, jalapeno, cheese, bacon, sausage, and brisket. I just could not consume brisket for breakfast. I did visit the salsa stand and heaped green chili salsa atop my taco. The fragrance was bright, the flavor intense.

Living in NYC will I start to do breakfast tacos every day? Well, I don’t think so. But once in a while? Sure. A perfect contrast to my waffles topped with strawberries or my western omelet or my weekend eggs benedict.

Oh, in Austin I did have hollandaise sauce dressed with green chiles. Made me seek out a second mimosa!