How did I do that collage? My iPad.

The iPad has spawned an incredibly diverse new industry of low-cost apps for the iPad that do photo editing and collaging. I do mean low cost. The program I used for this collage cost $1.99.

There are dozens of programs out there, too many to easily decide which to use. Here are the ones I use on a regular basis:

  • Layout
  • InstaFrame
  • Photo Mess
  • Collage
  • Arc Frame
  • Pic Joiner

And here are some apps I have used but no longer do. Some of these were limited in features, some have been outclassed by the apps above.

  • Picture Frames
  • Nostalgio
  • Frametastic
  • InstapicFrames
  • aPhoto
  • MyPics
  • Linea
  • Pic Stitch

Of course, you will certainly try and test on your own. New apps appear weekly, so a year from now, I may have a whole new list of favorites. But for now, I hope you’ll use my list of favorites as way to get started.

I am a computer geek. The iPad has literally changed my daily routine and the ability to do such rich photo editing and organization make it a vital tool for any blogger.