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Just so you folks know, everything and everybody at Cooking by the Book in Lower Manhattan is fine. Well, the power is is out, won’t be back for a few more days and we are going to have to purge our refrigerators. We live a quarter mile from the Hudson, and it got to a block away from us. That picture is of a nearby park we we normally walk and look way down on the river below.

I, Brian, am  in Austin and cannot get back to Manhattan. Suzen was in Austin, went to Manhattan on Sunday, and got clobbered on Monday.

“I’m bored,” she told me before the cell phones went out Monday night. All she had to play with, once the power was finally gone, was the audio books I have on three Apple devices.

Not only is she bored, but apparently my taste in audio books does not match hers. She wants something beyond ancient history, war, quantum mechanics.

I am trying to get back to the city, Suzen is waiting for me and we are all waiting for power and subways. And we are all grateful that our friends and family have gotten through.

Suzen does have one great story for you. As the storm was bearing down late Monday afternoon, with really intense rain and wind, some idiot woman jogger was headed down West Broadway towards the oncoming water at the south end of Manhattan. A police car stopped and hauled her in.

If Charles Darwin were alive and watching, you can imagine his reaction. “No, no, no. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. We need to get rid of the bad ones. You’re screwing up the gene pool!”

Personally, at that point, I wish the police had just been safe and sound in the station house having a beer.