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grilled corn with husks on

A very close friend asked me this weekend, “Do you actually ever eat those blogs you post?”

“Yes,” I smiled. What a pleasure to be 110% truthful. “We eat what we blog. We really do.”

Tonight, Sunday, we wanted something healthy and light. This blog will not endear me to the American Beef Council.

We went this morning to the Rhinebeck Farmers Market with one goal: find fresh and enjoy it.

So tonight, we had:

  • Grilled Corn with Mexican Chipotle Creama
  • A Salad of Fresh Market Greens and Vegetables [Romaine, Rainbow Carrots, Green Onions]
  • Raspberry Martini’s with Dinner
  • Strawberry Aqua Fresca after Dinner
  • Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blackberry Sauce

At the market, the romaine was sweet, with short stalks that tasted of the sun. The carrots were small, but offered a half dozen different colors. And the green onions were two inches in diameter and filled with flavor. Topped with a simple vinaigrette, salad can be no better.

Now, the chipotle crema, raspberry martini, and aqua fresca were all posted on this blog this week. We had already tested them, but wanted them again in one grand meal. During the coming week, I’ll post the absolutely outrageous corn ice cream and blackberry sauce.