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I know that in the past week, I have been derelict in blogging. I was busy internally training my new writing assistant. Blogging is a lonely profession. So to give me company and to protect against any unwanted critters [no, we don’t have mice; she’s just insurance], I have arranged for Gina to stop spending the day in our bedroom and join me in my office. She mostly sleeps, but she is alert when she needs to be. She will walk around testing my keyboard. At times she has been able to test that my printer works and event to shut down the machine. She is far more computer savvy that Suzen and I knew she could be.

Gina is a rescue cat. All of our cats have been. We found her in a home facility sharing one room with twenty on other refugees. She was quite striking and I simply could not bear to leave her in that environment. Of course, there have been issues. She was professed to be three years old, but it’s more like six. Documentation with illegals is often spurious.

And there’s the shedding. This cat walks down the hallway and you see white puffs exploding off her body with every other step. You could stuff a mattress with the hair she discharges in a month. Ok, maybe not something that big. But a small pillow? Hell, yes.

Our vet has no explanation for this issue, which we live with. God knows it is not nutrition. She eats well. See right there at the bottom? She eating the remnants of a kale salad. At Cooking by the Book we feed our animals with exceptional care. They’ve gotten stuff most New Yorkers have never sampled.

Could it be the kale? No, I eat kale. And I was bald long before then.