I live in Tribeca, a few blocks from a large Whole Foods. Suzen shops there for Cooking by the Book. We spend a LOT of money there to get the greatest ingredients.

We appreciate the quality of the ingredients. The prices at Whole Foods have been the subject of many conversations. You’ve heard of Whole Paycheck.

I was just there photographing apples when a security guard told me stop.

I went to the Customer Service Center and explained. I live in the area, I shop there daily, I write a blog, I want to spotlight their quality. They told me no pictures. That the owner won’t allow pictures because celebs shop there. I explained, to no avail, that none of the apples in my shot were individually famous.

I think the policy and inflexibility of Whole Foods is stupid. I encourage you to spread the word. You can spend your money at Whole Foods but your right to express your opinion through a photograph is banned. I suppose it is questionable whether it is a violation of free speech, but it sure as hell is dumb.