It's Sunday and Easter and I rather doubt that many folks will be looking at this blog today. But if you are, Suzi and I wish you a very happy holiday. So does our cat Gina who is very protective of our Easter candy supply.

Li-Lac Chocolates is a New York institution. You can read about it all here. Basically, a very talented Greek man studied in France in the 1920s opened a chocolate store at 120 Christoper Street. I am fortunate to have visited the store for years and stood in line in the days before each Easter as a diverse crowd waited a long time, but patiently, to enter the very tiny shop. The smell was heaven. Today, that first store is gone, but there are others. If you happen to like chocolate, or love it, or have a seroius chocolate problem, then there are several shops in the city now to visit and indulge.

You'll have to buy your own. I'm afraid Gina does not share.

Happy Easter,

Suzi and Brian