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This is Brian and I want to reassure you that I’ll be back and blogging. I’ve taken the start of July off to focus on being calm and thinking about our peonies. Suzi and I are peony freaks. We travel to peony festivals and visit formal gardens featuring them.  Inspired by their beauty, we are embarking on a peony project that will take us a couple of years to complete. I’ve been doing some planning for a major peony bed, perhaps 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. We have three varieties of peonies now. We’ll have many, many more.

I’ve also been sitting on our screened-in porch and listening to our stream slip over the rocks. And sipping agua frescas in the heat.

In short, I needed a break after several years of pretty aggressive blogging. I’m ramping back up. I will say, in advance, that next week Suzi and I leave for 10 days in Yellowstone National Park. My blogging then may be reduced a bit. And, you might see some pictures of buffalo and bear. I will, I promise, weave in some info about huckleberries!

Recipes and cookbook reviews are headed your way. By late July, full steam ahead.

Brian O’Rourke