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This Friday Suzen will inaugurate our Small Bites Big Sips classes. Normally, you match beverage to food. In Small Bites Big Sips, we match food to the beverage. It’s an idea you can try at home or at a party. Friday we’ll feature four wines from Paumanok, a wonderful winery on Long Island. This the 29th year for Paumanok, with its 103 acres filled with a variety of grapes and very skilled winemakers.

If you are visiting Long Island, a trip to Paumanok will be a memorable experience for you. With nine grape varietals planted, Paumanok creates a range of wines that can serve every aspect of your meal, from first course to dessert.

On Friday, here are the four wine types and the matching foods Suzi will be serving:

  • Pizza [fresh tomatoes, basic, and cheese] offered with a Rose
  • Grilled Beef Sliders with a Red, perhaps a Merlot and perhaps a Cab [it’s a surprise!]
  • Corn Chowder paired with a Chardonnay
  • Watermelon Sorbet served with a crisp Riesling

We hope you can join us on Friday. If you can’t, try out this idea with Paumanok or the vineyard of your choice.

Yes, in the picture above, you see a flight of beer, not wine. I realize that. We’ll be featuring all kinds of beverages in future classes: wines this week, then beers, and then spirits. Different beverage types, but the same concept: if I am drinking X, what is the best food to match it!