It’s Thursday. I can guess two things are going to happen for you between now and Monday.

First, you are going to go shopping.

Second, you are going to buy a chicken.

But what will you do with it? And what do you wish you could do with it?

Sometimes reality swamps ambition. You can have that chicken on your kitchen counter and you want to do something good, something different. You wonder how Thomas Keller would do it. Or Alan Ducasse. Or one of the other star chefs. You might even have their books on hand, but do you have an afternoon to sit and compare and decide?

You don’t have to. There is a great website call And buried there is this page:

There you will find a table with the roasted chicken techniques from 11 very famous, very good sources. Mr. Keller and Monsieur Ducasse and Tom Colicchio and other very talented sources.

The table describes the prep work, the cooking technique, and some after cooking comments and ideas. There is detail here, but not too much. In a cup of coffee, you can read, consider, and decide on how that chicken is going to come out. Maybe your mom’s technique is still the one you need to use. Or, maybe, you can explore new territory, new worlds.

I always wondered what they did on Star Trek. I mean they are out there for years, there is no chicken ranch on the ship, so they need to fashion chicken from the molecule up. I, I just don’t know if I would ever volunteer for Star Fleet Command with that culinary future before me.

Fortunately, the current president has effectively canceled the United States manned space program so none of us will be faced with such a difficult choice. Of course, when the aliens land and ask why the hell we have not shown adventuresome spirit, I don’t know what we’re gonna say. We’ll just probably chicken out.