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Are you fooded out? Take a break. Maybe just chill on the last of leftoves. You can make a turkey sandwich, adorned with some cranberry relish. One last bite of stuffing on the side.

Oh, that sandwich needs some bread, so perhaps on this long weekend you might do a little baking.

Each week Suzi has 100 to 200 people in her kitchen as she leads them in culinary teambuilding events. It's a lot of people and a lot of cooking. So how does she, and how do I, spend our weekend? We go to our weekend retreat upstate. And we cook.

Our dining room table is spewed with cookbooks and recipes and ideas for the coming week. We are always exploring books. And Suzi? How many people do you know who buy flour by the 50 pound bag. For her, bread making is Zen. Pure Zen. She bakes bread and rolls and croissants that are Paris-class. It's all rather amazing.

Her customers for the cooking classes at Cooking by the Book are always greated with appetizers and Suzi's bread is served in abundance. If you give someone great bread, they notice. They always and immediately notice. 

Suzen is delighted at pleasing people, she appreciates the comments, offers to help them begin bread bakig, and then she retreasts to her office to order another 50 pound bag. Or two