At the Portland farmers market, the big one on Saturday in the Park Blocks, we saw this clever idea from one of the vendors. In the Northwest, now is the peak season for berries and cherries of all kinds. Which one or ones should you pick? This vendor makes it easy: there’s a “to go” collection of three boxes of berries and one of cherries. There’s a simple charm to having all of these nestled together, literally ready to go.

It’s a terrific idea for a picnic or to take as a dinner party gift. This spread of early summer flavor lets you savor and compare. Are blackberries really the best, does the flavor of raspberries linger longer, is the squishy tartness of blueberries unsurpassed, and can you ever forget the lovely notes a cherry leaves in your mouth.

I hope other vendors at other farmers markets adopt this idea to make you instantly ready to enjoy the full range of summer sweetness.