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We very, very happy these days at Cooking by the Book. We have just received four powerful Vitamix blenders for our workstations. Vitamix is not just a blender. It is a kitchen wonder.

Ever been to a Jamba Juice and enjoyed one of their smoothies. Remember that mega-machine that whirred away to create your treat? That was a Vitamix.

To inaugurate their arrival at Cooking by the Book, we did what anyone with a Vitamix can do anytime. We filled it with whatever fruit was available — cantaloupe and apples — added some ice, and turned the machine on. In second, literally seconds, we had a smoothie. How did it taste? Well, smooth, really smooth. And vibrant with flavor. Here’s a place where freshness counts.

We’ll be working with the Vitamix Corporation to demonstrate the power and flexibility of their product. We’ve already gone beyond smoothies to drink. We’ve made soups that are impeccably pure in texture. Once you try a Vitamix in your kitchen, you are going to consider it indispensable.

Recipes and ideas to follow!