I really, really, really wanted to test the chicken wing recipe I posted earlier this week, the one using the new Tobasco Buffalo Style hot sauce. It’s taken three days and five different stores, but I finally found a shelf with the product actually on it. Suzen and I will test in the coming week, but not before the Super Bowl. So, you’ll have to rely on other wing recipes until you want to beat us to the punch trying out this new product. Assuming you can find it!

I have taste tested the Buffalo Style sauce from the bottle, and I really cannot sense a major difference between this product and regular Tobasco. The proof will come with an actual wing.

Tomorrow, Super Bowl Sunday, there will be an estimated 1.25 billion wings served. Placed end to end, the would go around the world.


So, if wings are on your table tomorrow, just remember you are part of a great army that figuratively circles the planet.