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If by chance you are in Austin and you long for some good Thai food, then you need to go to Spin at 14005 North US Highway 183, Suite 100. Austin is booming and the north side is one endless string of strip malls. Except this strip mall is nice.

And this food is not just good, it’s remarkable. Filled with flavor, different from any Thai food you might have had, and very, very reasonably priced. The photo above may be styled, but it’s very representative of the quite lovely plates that float to your table.

The menu changes frequently, but there are some items there you just have to have. Kabocha or pumpkin [Japanese pumpkin] tempura is simply wonderful. It’s an appetizer you want to order twice, but you need to wait and move on. There’s the Salmon Tataki: salmon with garlic, shallot, pineapple and green apple chili sauce. Or Duck Wing Saam Rot: fried confit duck coated in sweet chili tamarind vinaigrette, garnished with sliced green onion and served with pickled cabbage salad. That’s a mouthful to write but a great mouthful to munch on.

To sip away the heat, you can do a Thai Basil Mint Sangria or a Tamarind Lime Mimosa. The list of beverages and dishes is long. It’s best to get a gaggle of friends, order massively, and share the joys.

Spin calls itself modern Thai Cuisine. It’s right there in URL: www.spinmodernthai.com. It’s a very fine restaurant and quite representative of the excellent food scene in Austin. If you can, drop in and be ready to smile.