Cooking by the Book has applied for a grant from Chase Manhattan Bank. Getting that grant, in this financial environment, would be a major boost for our cooking school and for this blog. I’m asking you to vote for us. Go to the link below, then you’ll see boxes to enter:

  • Cooking by the Book for the Business Name
  • New York for the State
  • New York for the City [NOT New York City]
  • Finally, click on the Support Button

We just posted our grant application and began getting votes yesterday, 6/19/2012. We need 250 votes by the end of June, so believe me: every vote counts.

Here’s the link to go to. You can’t just click on this “link.” Please cut-and-paste into your browser — it’s a “feature” of WordPress.

Please consider voting for us.



Thank you,

Brian O’Rourke