Over the next few weeks, culminating on Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll be attending parties and probably hosting one or two as well. What can you do for appetizers that is holiday bold?

Chips and dips and guac do eventually become a tad boring. Pepper and honey have longer legs.

Take a log of goat cheese and roll it in crushed pepper or herbs. Or both. Put the encrusted log on a plate and then pour honey over it. Or maple syrup. No, not even I would say “both.”

Add some crackers or toast slices and you have a happy appetizer. The goat cheese suggests a white wine, but the crushed pepper invites red. And a cocktails is always a welcome accompaniment.

By trying different goat cheese, different styles of peppercorns, and that endless variety of herbs, this appetizer can shine with distinction every time you offer it.

Thing is, it’s pretty darn good. So, if you aren’t having a party, but you want to snack during a TV night with a bottle of wine, this is the perfect dairy indulgence.