There are books with margarita recipes, lots of books. You may think that every possible idea has been explored, but that is far from true. I’ve presented my basic components for a margarita before:

  • Tequila
  • Orange liquor
  • Citrus juice
  • Simple syrup

The proportions can vary. I switch between 3:2:1:1 and 1:1:1:1. My favorite? Both. Yes, they do taste differently but in a blind test I’d have to think carefully about which is which. Good orange liquor and fresh citrus juice and that sugar syrup can be as compeling as the tequila.

In terms of specific ingredients, I do prefer lemon juice over lime. And that simple syrup is necessary. It really is. Even if you use lemon juice or lime, it is still not sweet enough. Bartenders far and wide have been slipping sugar syrup into their upscale versions of margaritas for decades. So, you may have to make up for some lost time.

However, the syrup in play does not have to be simple. I’ve posted a Habanero Honey Syrup here  [you can find it with the search box]  and in a margarita it is is a delightful powerhouse providing a second, lingering layer of heat for the drink. The citrus component can be dramatically shifted by using grapefruit juice. I find it offers the best of lemon and lime: there is sweetness ala lemon but there is characteristic edge that reminds me of lime.

Try this combination this weekend. Don’t go down just one path. Do both. Go whole hog and be prepared for margaritas at a level you have never experienced. Or read about in any book. Trust me.