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I know the picture is not quite the best, but think of it as real-time journalism. This weekend, we were celebrating our wedding anniversary: the 33rd. It’s a personal record for us, for each of us.

We traveled to Manchester, Vermont to see the peonies at Hildene, the estate created by Abraham Lincoln’s son. It’s one of the most beautiful settings in America and the peony garden was at its peak for us.

After flowers, we went to the most impressive Silver Fork restaurant. If you go to Manchester, if you have only one night, then you must try this restaurant. Oh, but do book a couple of weeks ahead. Just six tables!

Now, about those scissors. I ordered the Three Cheese Onion Soup.  Lots of cheese, Lots of gooey cheese. You’ve had the experience: you dip your spoon into the top of onion soup, pull it up, and strings of cheese are rising to your mouth. It can be awkward. But at the Silver Fork, they’ve solved the problem. When they serve the soup, they give you a lovely pair of antique scissors. I still had some trouble spooning soup and seeing where to cut the cheese dangling below my chin. So Suzi, as she has for 33 years, too good care of me. “Give me those,” she said, taking the scissors from my hand and snipping away.

It was all quite romantic.