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Breakfast in Texas offers opportunities for diversity. First, find a good, really good Tex-Mex spot. Like Curra’s Grill in South Austin. Then peruse the menu, find something you’ve never heard of, and give it a fling. Like a sincronizada [yes, “synchronized”].

It looks like a quesadillas but only a Tex-Mex amateur would confuse the two. A sincronizada is a tortilla-based sandwich, using wheat tortillas that are layered sandwich style instead of being folded quesadilla style. The key ingredients in a sincronizada are one or two slices of ham and cheese. Ideally Oaxaca cheese.

To make this “sandwich,” just add the ingredients and  grill until the cheese melts. Consume at once.

Variations abound. The Tex-Mex versions this side of the border often have beans added and perhaps use a different cheese like Monterey Jack. The dish may be topped off with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole for richness.

At Curra’s a special ingredient is tiny chunks of already cooked potatoes. Melted cheese, ham, and soft potatoes. That was a perfect start to my day.

You can toss together you own sincronizada in moments. It’s a great alternative to that fast food breakfast you or your kids have been craving.