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It is less than a week to the Super Bowl and you have two decisions to make: who to root for and what to eat.

This post was first published four years. While the Super Bowl teams have changed, our need for super food remains high. There are great ideas here for Chicken Wings, Dips, Cocktails and Desserts — everything you need for a football feast.

The wings picture above represents neither of the recipes below. These wings are right out of the Frank's Hot Sauce bottle, which is an excellent alternative. Buy a bottle, get the recipes from the website, and wing it. If you want wings with less heat but more complex flavor, then consider the two wing supremes I have presented links for.

For your Super Bowl parties, here are some excellent, delicious, and easy ideas. These are all items that you knock off in quick time yet find yourself and your guests smiling and satiated.

Chicken Wings:

Wings, of course, are as a much a part of Super Sunday as the hash marks on the field. These two recipes offer you alternatives to the fiery wings we all know. You can have your wings sweet, with syrup flavor, or herb with a cilantro infusion. Or you can have both. A wings platter with alternative flavors will surprise and please.





For those wings, dips are essential. Here’s an assortment of dip ideas you can set before your guests that will accommodate chips, crackers, wings, and veggies.









The easy sour mix here can be topped with whisky or rum for a classic cocktail. The two champagne cocktails here are deliciously different without requiring any significant effort on your part. You want delicious simplicity for a party where everyone is focused on the game and on the commercials. There isn’t time for complexity.






Everyone loves chocolate, of course, and this cake is richly satisfying. The ginger bars are happily spicy and the ideal way to end the meal. No matter who wins!