I have eaten more BLTs than any other food. More than burgers, far more than hot dogs. I never tire of a good BLT. When I was growing up, we were a little shy on money so my BLT always came with just 3 slices of thin bacon, about the thinnest they made. Once I left home after college, I've never made a BLT with less than 4, sometimes 5, and I'm always in the hunt for thick, meaty slices of bacon at the store. I don't skimp on my bacon. I don't resent my past but I appreciate that I have moved on.

The great thing about the BLT is that you can elevate it so many ways:

Avocado slices make the ABLT a contender

Some bread beyond Wonder, please, and preferably toasted

A mayo with distinction, maybe with wasabi, or why not just a little tartar sauce 

Sliced cherry tomatoes add depth

Some lettuce besides iceberg, maybe even arugula

I have not gone so far as to add in a fried egg, but I may get there. Don't think of the BLT as an end unto itself. It's a platform for endless experimentation.

Just, just be sure to use enough bacon.