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Spring and Summer Teams

We are entering the peak sports seasons. All of us can watch our favorite teams or perhaps participate on a team. Corporations are planning their own important team activities: teambuilding events to inspire employees, to reward summer associates, or to thank clients.

With a myriad of teambuilding activities available, why should you consider a culinary event at Cooking by the Book? Here are the words of one of our customers:

“Thank you so much for your help in coordinating our dinner last night. We had so much fun. I will definitely remember the experience and hope to book again soon!”

Vicki Vincent

American Express

Firms that have come to Cooking by the Book have a very high return rate and place a priority on having teambuilding events with us. We provide a uniquely advantageous kitchen experience. You team members are not just together for an evening. They are sharing fun and conversation as they work side-by-side in the kitchen. What they make, they eat.

In their event, your team will have a primary objective: creating for themselves an exciting meal. In their aprons, wielding their knives, they become culinary peers. Your event is an opportunity not just to cook a meal but to forge real bonds. For summer associate programs, this experience lets the youthful newcomers and the seasoned employees truly see each other from a different perspective. The insights gleaned in a kitchen evening will elevate your productivity.

To make our teambuilding events successful, we gear the events to your needs. You may simply want a straight-forward kitchen experience, or you may want to add a few twists to challenge your team. We have found that teams relish an unexpected culinary hurdle. Your event, as well as your food, can be spiced for deeper flavor.

Of course, we help you select a meal that is not only delicious but gives your team a real culinary adventure. We won’t tire you out in the kitchen, but you definitely will sample new ideas. One of our best teambuilding recipes, Duck Breast Tostadas with Chipotle-Fig Sauce, is presented for you below. Preparing this dish will challenge your team to plan and to execute. Their success will be evident with the first bite.

All our events are designed for team improvement. Our clients agree that an event at Cooking by the Book is not just fun: it is memorable and truly rewarding.