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Suzi and I love blogging about books, recipes and culinary ideas.  And, we are very happy at the response we’ve had from so many of you.  We want to tell you about some changes underway with our blog.

First, more blogs.  We’ve been asked for more so we are going to make that attempt.  Look for us to be sending out some terrific information several times a week.

Second, we’re making each blog easier for you to find and use.  We’ve rewritten all the old blogs so that they are “search engine friendly.”  [If you subscribe to us and just saw 22 updates, now you know why!] We’ve added new categories to help classify the blogs — you’ll see the categories in the sidebar on the right.  And we are putting tag words in each blog to help summarize it.  In the sidebar on the right, you’ll found our new tag cloud: Key Words to Find Blogs.  Just click on a key word or phrase as you’ll see every blog with that word.  If you have words you’d like to search on, please let us know.

Finally, we are adding key links to this site.  This is a work in progress and this “blogroll” occurs at the bottom of our now fully-packed sidebar.  Our first links are for Authors of Note.  We’ll be adding more authors and other link categories in the future.   Don’t worry, we won’t barrage you with a thousand different links here.  We promise to keep the list to the very, very best.  So, if you see a link there, if you follow it, you’ll find a terrific new site for information.

If you would like to see other blog changes, please leave a comment on this blog.  We welcome your interest and appreciate your readership.

Suzi and Brian