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Supper is very important. So is this book.

For thirteen years Clodagh McKenna has graced us with five lovely cookbooks, brimming with personality and targeted towards celebrations through the year or your meals through the day. Clodagh is exquisitely talented at fashioning grand recipes. The Irish love the adjective “grand” and you will love this grand food. You can see that quality in my review of her previous 2015 book, Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen.

In this beautiful and significant new book, Clodagh’s Suppers, you are going to be quite spoiled. And most well fed

When you open this book, you just might want to stop with the very first recipe:

That is Wild Garlic Soup with Toasted Almonds and Sheep Cheese. I want to make that and I will. I would not blame you for stopping there. But, but you really don’t want to stop browsing the book. Here are five other reasons that you want to buy this book and cook these most charming, and most distinctive, recipes.

Here is the stunning Rhubarb, Rosewater and Pistachio Galette:


Traditional Irish cuisine, of course, includes salmon but you sure have not had this beauty: Beet, Blood Orange and Gin-Cured Salmon:


Comfort food is always welcome. Deep frying foods can be a tad messy. Here is comfort — mashed potatoes + cheese — that is pan-fried and ready for pleasure, Coolea Cheese Potato Dumplings with Sage Butter:


Irish cuisine is heavily fashioned by the sea. The proof of that fashion, that high fashion is this Fish Pie made with shrimp and topped with cheese and potatoes:


Clodagh’s Suppers does not neglect dessert. How can one resist Sticky Figgy Cake:


There are a multitude of recipes to embark on a culinary voyage with here. The Chocolate Beef Chili with Jalapeno and Cheese Scones and the Guinness Caramel Tiramisu are examples of recipes that will have you spending an afternoon in your kitchen. And an evening relishing your creations.

Beyond the recipes, this book provides wonderful organization. The recipes are listed by the four seasons and each season includes six or seven complete supper menus using those recipes. Plus the book begins with suggestions for arranging your kitchen and your dining table. This is the ultimate one-stop supper book. It’s all here for you, packaged in a beautiful book that delivers on every promise.

Yes, some of these recipes will appear here. In fact, today’s food post will be that Fish Pie, describe by Clodagh as the ultimate fish pie. With that recommendation, what else can you and I do?