Our whole universe depends on the values of some important numbers, and the most important of those is π — you know 3.14159… It is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. But the number π appears everywhere in the science that drives our lives.

Thanks to the United States Congress, to honor π there is a National Pi Day on 3.14 or March 14th. And this year, to honor π as well, Suzen is hosting a Pi Day event for the public. You are welcome to sign up for this class featuring both sweet and savory pies. If someone says “pie” to me, I think banana cream. Suzen will think chicken pot pie. A good marriage has complementary partners.

Our Pi Day class will focus on that big hurdle pie aficionados all face: the crust. We’ll show techniques for perfect dough that is easy to handle. Yes, we’ll teach you how to weave that lattice top. And how to bake to golden perfection.

This class is perfect for couples, singles, anyone who has relentless pie cravings. We totally understand.

What goes in the pies? We’re going to surprise you. We’ll be looking for the freshest fruits and most interesting savory ingredients to share with you. We can guarantee you a most pleasant collection of flavor surprises.

To attend the class, please reserve your spot by calling Cooking by the Book at 212-966-9799.

We are conveniently located in Lower Manhattan at 13 Worth Street.

[Yes, all those digits in the background of the picture at the top are part of π. If you come to the class, we hand out all the first 10,000 digits upon request.]